About Chemoplast

Established in 1976 with primary focus to operate as Coordinators for International suppliers of Polymers, Chemicals. Subsequently Diversified to Nylon Tire Cord Yarn, Nylon Tire Cord Fabric, Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Rubber Chemicals etc and represented :-

  1. Represented various reputed Polymer suppliers from Japan and continued this business with Japan up to 1990.
  2. Represented Asahi for Nylon 6 through Japanese Trading Company M/s Nichimen Corporation.
  3. Represented Teijn Corporation for Nylon 6 and Polyester from(1980-1990).
  4. Represented EniChem SPA, Italy for Polymers, Synthetic Rubber, Poly Butadiene Rubber, V.P. Latex from (1980-1996).
  5. Represented LG Chemicals, Korea for Carbon Black since (1986 – 1998).
  6. Represented Kuala Pilah Rubber Factory, Malaysia for Natural Rubber – Ribbed Smoke Sheet (RSS) from (1982 – 1990).
  7. Representing Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp., Taiwan for Nylon 6 tire yarn since (1986).
  8. Representing Formosa Taffeta Co. Ltd., Taiwan for Nylon/Polyester Tire Cord Fabric from(1996 onwards).
  9. Representing Chi Mei Corp., Taiwan for ABS/PS/SAN/PMMA etc since (1990).
  10. Representing Sri Trang Group for Natural Rubber RSS & STR from (1993).

Present Activities
  • Nylon/Polyester Tire Cord Fabric – Representing FTC, Taiwan. A major supplier of Nylon/Polyester reinforcement material for tires whose quality well accepted by all major Tire Companies in the world and also by all Tire Companies in India.
  • Natural Rubber – RSS & TSR – Representing Sri Trang, Thailand. One of the largest and major producers of Natural Rubber in the world.
  • Speciality Polymers like ABS/PS/PMMA/PC etc. - Representing Chi Mei Corp., Taiwan, world’s largest producers of ABS.