Welcome to Chemoplast

CHEMOPLAST Started in 1976 with the sole aim to source quality raw materials required for Plastic Processing Industries, Tire Industry and Rubber Goods Manufacturers in India from well known International Suppliers. During the last 35 years, the company has earned an enviable reputation as a Coordinator with International Producers and continues to enjoy the trust and faith of the Indian Consuming Industries.

Company strives to source raw materials from quality producers with high integrity. Also assisting both suppliers and consumers with new developments and cooperating in the Research and Development work with the producers in India for New Products with able assistance from the Raw Materials Producers represented by the company.

Company Motto - To give all assistance and unstinted cooperation to source suitable and excellent quality raw-materials for the use in the related sphere of user Industries in India.


  • TSR

    Technically Specified Rubber

    TSR or block rubber can be divided into three main types, STR10, STR20 and STR Compound. It is chiefly used in the production of car tires and graded according to a variety of factors, including dirt content, ash content, volatile matter, color and viscosity.read more

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    Ribbed Smoked Sheet

    Ribbed smoked sheets are unsmoked rubber sheets that have been processed. They are classified into 5 classes according to purity, elasticity and color. read more

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    Tyre Cord Plant

    FTC produce tire cord, chafer, and conveyor ducks. FTC tire cord plant is a renowned manufacturer in the world with the capacity of 4,300 tons per month. read more